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Water resources management

Water resources management

Aurecon understands the need for innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management.

While water is fundamental to human existence, the environment and a wide range of industrial and agricultural industries, fresh water is a finite resource that is experiencing increasing demand in many regions of the world.

Sustainable management and utilisation of this resource in the face of increasing populations, rising living standards and a continuing global need for economic development present many challenges for sub-continents, countries and communities.

With the future reliability of water resources at stake, it is essential to understand the complex issues underpinning the planning, development and implementation of water resources for the sustainable benefit of communities, industry, agriculture and the environment. Increased water demand across all sectors, coupled with growing uncertainty in supply due to projected climate change impacts, presents a significant challenge to our clients’ business operations.

A common thread in both high-growth developing regions and highly developed regions of the world is the need to better manage risk and water security challenges. This relates to flood risk, water pollution and water availability. In order to unlock sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits linked to water resources, our highly experienced engineers and scientists provide support and skills to water authorities, government, local councils, and other organisations in widely varying geographies, economies and scales. We combine innovative thinking with constructive project delivery models to deliver cost-effective solutions. These solutions offer clients an integrative approach to finding sustainable technical and socio-economic ways in which to share a limited resource between competing users on a local, basin, or even multi-country scale.

• Aurecon’s experience in water resources management spans several decades

We appreciate the need for innovative, integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions to address water resources management and our services encompass all project phases, from conception through to implementation and operation. Aurecon’s water professionals possess a deep understanding of the water cycle and offer a complete range of engineering and scientific services to help clients optimise the sustainable management of their water resources in an integrated manner and in the face of mounting uncertainty. We address whole of life water resources management and integrate and align our specialised teams with our clients’ expectations. The multidisciplinary nature of our water resources management skills allows us to undertake water planning and feasibility studies for governments, the private sector and international funding institutions. Aurecon invests in the development of our people and encourage innovation, staying at the forefront of best practice.

Our capabilities within the water resources management and related fields entail a range of specialised skills including:

  • Integrated water resources strategy, management and planning
  • Catchment, allocation and drought modelling
  • International and trans-boundary river systems planning and management
  • Water resources infrastructure feasibility studies and investment strategies
  • Hydropower analysis and design
  • Water use evaluation, allocation and optimisation
  • Water demand and loss management
  • Water supply for developing communities
  • Catchment management strategies and plans
  • Climate change assessment and adaptation
  • Spatial data analysis and synthesis
  • Water re-use, recycling and reclamation
  • Bulk stormwater master planning and design
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Sustainable urban drainage system design
  • Hydraulic analysis and design
  • Natural waterway management and design of engineered waterways
  • Fluvial geomorphology and sedimentation studies
  • Flood risk management and hazard assessment
  • Disaster risk management
  • Advanced numerical and physical modelling
  • Contaminant hydrogeology and groundwater monitoring
  • Environmental water science
  • Water quality modelling, assessment and management
  • Water re-use, recycling and conservation management
  • Groundwater and aquifer modelling and management
  • Management of mine and industrial water
  • Irrigation systems planning, design and optimisation
  • Hydro-meteorological monitoring and information management
  • Decision support and information management systems
  • Knowledge product development
  • Training and capacity building
  • Institutional and policy development and support
  • Socio-economic assessment


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