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William Puente

William Puente, Aurecon

ESD Engineer

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Time at Aurecon: 1 year
Degree completed: Bachelor of Biological Science specialising in Zoology, Deakin University and Master of Environments, specialising in Energy Efficiency Modelling and Implementation, University of Melbourne
Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Fearless

After finishing my Bachelor of Biological Science, taking the leap into building energy efficiency was a huge jump for me. I was motivated by the belief that I could contribute to society better as an ESD engineer, where my work would have a positive effect, not only on the general environment, but also on the people that would reside in the buildings.

My experience with Aurecon

When I started at Aurecon, my role mainly involved creating models in the ESD team, simulating thermal, daylight and energy performance. I've since expanded my scope and can now be recognised as a key modeler of our team, a Green Star-accredited and, soon, a WELL-accredited professional.

I’m currently working on the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal which is definitely a challenging project. My role is to ensure that all the stations achieve a Green Star rating, a task that relies on a high level of multidisciplinary knowledge. Working with all the different disciplines has taught me so much about how these complex projects function and who you can speak to about challenges and ideas.

A typical day at such a project involves managing all the processes required to obtain the Green Star rating. This entails communicating with all the relevant disciplines involved, including the architects and the electrical, mechanical and structural teams, all while steering fellow ESD colleagues in modelling tasks so that we can provide useful analytics to the stakeholders.

Having such a strong and supportive ESD team gives me the best chance to excel in my career. For instance, they always make sure I’m aware of opportunities to attend workshops, seminars, webinars, networking events and to present at conferences. Largely due to their support, I have been accepted to present my building modelling research at the IBPSA’s (The International Building Performance Simulation Association) Australian Building Simulation 2017 conference. I never would have had such an opportunity without the ESD team, who have also helped shape my research.

While I identify with many of the Aurecon Attributes, I believe my strongest is being ‘fearless’. I’m always ready to ask the questions others may not. I believe it’s always important to ask, “Why can’t we do this differently? Can we try this new design?” as this allows us to produce unique results in a project; and these results are what keep clients coming back to Aurecon.

My best advice to graduates

Maintain your curiosity and your confidence. If I didn’t first take the leap into engineering, I never would have discovered my passion for sustainability, and if I didn’t build up the courage to apply to Aurecon, I would never have experienced all the great opportunities and amazing individuals here.

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