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Maputo River Basin Water Resources Study: Economic development principles, Mozambique

Aurecon recommends development of sound management approaches

Funded by the European Commission, one of the modules of the Joint Maputo River Basin Study – the Joint Maputo River Basin Water Resources Study (JMRBWRS) – involved a detailed assessment of water resources and related social and economic aspects in the Maputo River Basin area stretching across Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa.

The findings of this study saw the Aurecon-led JV team recommend key principles for the development of sound management approaches for the basin.

Several of the challenges involved in this study arose from the requirement that a balance in the recommended allocation of water be achieved. Moreover, the different development goals of each basin country in terms of water resources, rural areas and agriculture had to be carefully considered.

The Integrated Water Resources Management Scenarios developed as a result of this study will allow for the optimum and sustainable utilisation of the resources of the catchment. It will also enable decision-makers in the three countries to reach agreement on the sharing of benefits of the resources of the catchment and move towards an integrated approach to the management of the system.

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